Media volunteers

Working positively with the media – newspapers, magazines, radio, TV – is one of the best ways for the Miscarriage Association and our media volunteers to raise public awareness about miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy.

(Below, we use the word “miscarriage” to cover all of these kinds of pregnancy loss.)

It gives us the opportunity to:

In the section below, we tell you more about what is involved in being a media volunteer.

What journalists want

There are two main things that journalists are looking for:

Could you be a media volunteer for the M.A.?

What we guarantee

Thinking of being a media volunteer?

If you are considering joining our media volunteer team, we hope the following points will help you to make a decision and, if it’s positive, to get the most out of your interview/s:

If you would like to talk through any of the above, contact us at the Miscarriage Association.  If you would like to join our media volunteer team, please complete and return this form, which you can download as a Word or PDF document.

Néna and Nicole describe their experiences as media volunteers for the Miscarriage Association.  And Keyan, who’s a journalist himself, also writes about why he decided to go public.