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Remembering in your will

Thinking about making a will is something that lots of us put off, for all sorts of reasons.

Amongst other things, we might assume that whatever we leave will automatically go to our partner and/or children – although that might not be so. Or we might feel that we don’t have much to leave anyway, so it’s not worth the bother.

We’re not here to persuade you otherwise. But if you do decide to make or review a will, or you just want a bit more information, there are a couple of places here and here where you can get useful information and advice.

We hope that if you do make or review your will, you’ll consider providing for the Miscarriage Association, as Barbara did:

Recently, I reviewed my will. Not the most cheery of subjects, I grant you, and something that I’ve been putting off for several years, but I now have that glow of satisfaction that everything is in order.

I have chosen to remember the Miscarriage Association in my will, as a way of remembering my children who died before they were born. After all, in my will I’m remembering my children who were born and who I pray will be living when I die. So it seems logical to also remember the babies who were not born, and what better way than to contribute to the long-term future of the M.A.? Of course, I hope very much that it will be many years before the M.A. benefits from my generosity, but I’m sure that whenever it is, they will be able to put the money to good use.

If you are reviewing your will, perhaps you might also like to remember the M.A. as a way of showing that your miscarried babies have never been forgotten.

Barbara Hepworth-Jones
Miscarriage Association Trustee