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The Alife2 trial

The Alife2 study is investigating whether anti-coagulant (blood-thinning) treatment reduces the risk of miscarriage in women with two or more (unexplained) miscarriages and inherited thrombophilia – a blood-clotting problem.

The Alife2 trial is now closed to new participants. Results will be published when available.

Information on how the trial has been run is below.


Women were able to take part in the trial if a blood test showed that they had inherited thrombophilia


What would I need to do?

Participants randomised to trial treatment were instructed in how to inject themselves once daily with a dose of anti-coagulant in either upper leg or abdomen. Treatment started at or within 7 weeks of a confirmed pregnancy (based on first day of the last period) and continued until the start of labour or the end of the pregnancy.

Participants who were randomised to standard care did not need to inject themselves at all, but were be given normal pregnancy care, although they were followed up by the research team.

Where was it taking place?

 The following hospitals recruited patients