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Your contact with the Miscarriage Association is confidential and we are committed to respecting your privacy wherever possible.

However, in very specific circumstances, we may need to breach that confidentiality and it’s really important that you know that.

A safeguarding issue

If you disclose to us or we become aware of a possible safeguarding issue, such as, but not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, neglect, financial or material abuse or coercive control, we have a duty to report that.

We will let you know we have concerns about what you have told us and may ask you for more details or to expand on what you have said. We cannot force you to tell us anything, but we’re asking so we can try to get the right help for you or the person for whom we are concerned.

When we are worried you might harm yourself or someone else 

Most of the time, whatever you tell us will stay between you and the Miscarriage Association.

We will help you explore your feelings and to talk through your situation. We might ask you questions to ensure we – and you – understand what you are telling us.

If we feel you or someone else is in immediate danger, we may ask for more details so we can try to get additional help. You decide what, if any, information you want to give to us.

If you provide information, we may pass this to someone or an organisation like the ambulance service, the police, mental health crisis teams or social services. In an emergency, and if we have it, we may use your phone number or email address to get back in contact with you or pass it on to the police.


If we are concerned for the welfare of a child, we will always need to pass on that information to the appropriate authorities.

Concerns about the M.A. or its staff or volunteers

If you have a concern about anyone connected to the Miscarriage Association, please use our Complaints procedure.