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Regular Giving

Choosing to give to the Miscarriage Association through a regular giving scheme could not be easier.

Payroll Giving – for staff

Nearly 50% of the UK’s workforce works for a company who supports a give as you earn scheme.

Thousands of employers across the UK, including the NHS, most boroughs and councils, the uniformed services, the majority of schools, colleges and universities, our banks and building societies, almost all of the major supermarkets and out of town retailers and many high street stores, offer a workplace giving scheme which allows their employees to make a regular, tax free donation to the charity of their choice through their payroll system.

Apart from how easy this is to set up and manage, one of the main benefits is that the Inland Revenue department contributes 20% to your regular workplace giving, so for every £10 pledged, you pay just £8 and the tax office contributes the other £2. And it’s brilliant for us, because we can plan better if we know what income we might have, so that we can continue to raise public awareness of the facts and feelings of pregnancy loss and of the Miscarriage Association as a source of help and support.

Why not ask your employer if they have a workplace giving scheme that you can join?

Payroll Giving – for employers

If you would like to know more about workplace giving schemes and whether it might be a good idea to set one up for your staff, please find out more here.