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Fundraising ideas

The Miscarriage Association is a charity funded largely from donations and from individual fundraising activities, money raised by people like you, who have been through pregnancy loss themselves or care about someone who has, and who want to help others in a similar situation.

Your fundraising will go directly into helping us to provide support and information to anyone who is affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.  It will support our work with health professionals and researchers to improve care and information, and it will also help us raise public awareness of the facts and feelings of pregnancy loss and of the Miscarriage Association as a source of help.

The poster below shows how your fundraising helps:

How do I go about it?

Fundraising can be a lot of fun.

Good fundraising events encourage people to give out of interest and enthusiasm, whether it’s for you, the activity/event, or the organisation – or all three. Fundraising which works on people’s feelings of guilt or discomfort is a lot less fun, even if it might be effective! It’s up to you to choose.

Fundraising events can be as inventive as your imagination.

Choose a fundraising activity which suits your talents and skills, and try to be realistic about the time you will have to spend organising an event or training for a challenge.

Running a marathon is a brilliant way to fundraise, but there are so many other ways to support the Miscarriage Association. Perhaps you like hiking, baking, keeping fit or going dancing.  You could organise a sponsored walk, a cake sale, a sponsored keep fit class, or a party night.  We’ve got some ideas to get you going in our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

We’ll support you in any way we can,  and would be delighted to help you with things like awareness information, sponsor forms and a free t-shirt to wear at the event.  Do please email us at fundraising@miscarriageassociation.org.uk to see if we can help you make your fundraising idea into a huge success!

Fundraising – the regulations

Everything you do when you are fundraising for the Miscarriage Association needs to be both safe and legal for you to do.  Here we detail some guidelines, but if you are unsure about anything then please get in touch.