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Support groups

We have a UK-wide network of support volunteers, who have been through the experience of pregnancy loss themselves and can offer real understanding and a listening ear.

Most offer support by telephone and some of them provide support for people with particular experiences or circumstances – e.g. ectopic pregnancy, fertility problems, or recurrent miscarriage.  Contact us for details.

However, we also have a number of monthly support groupswinchester-support-group

These offer an opportunity to meet with others who have experienced pregnancy loss, to share thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

The thought of going to a support group can be daunting – but for many, it is actually a very positive experience.  Sara notes:

I was quite nervous of going and I was worried I might break down in front of a group of strangers. As it happened I found the session extremely helpful and I am really looking forward to going again.

For anyone who’s anxious about going to a group, give it a try. You will be in a supportive environment, often a small group and you don’t have to share unless you’re ready to. Sometimes you realise more about your own feelings by listening to others.

We have support groups in:

Contact us to get further details of your nearest support volunteer or group.