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Help raise funds for the Miscarriage Association.

If you’ve had a miscarriage, or ectopic or molar pregnancy, you’ll know how hard it can be to get people to talk about pregnancy loss.

So you can probably imagine that it can be difficult for the Miscarriage Association (M.A.) to attract major grants and donations. This is why we are asking you to help us to provide support and information for others who lose a baby in pregnancy.

We need to raise a minimum of £250,000 per year just to maintain services at their current levels – and we’d like to do a whole lot more! Your support can make a real difference, helping to secure and develop our services and helping us to raise awareness of miscarriage.

How to fundraise for the M.A.

You can fundraise for us by running or cycling, taking part in a challenge event or organising something yourself, or selling online. If you’re looking for inspiration, have a read of our previous fundraisers’ stories.

“I’ve had a fabulous time running all over the country but more importantly, every time I’ve run I’ve had the opportunity to break taboos and raise awareness for the M.A.. And as long as I am able to keep running, I will keep supporting and talking about the work that the M.A. do.”
– Andie Ford

Please don’t think that your support isn’t necessary. Compared with most national charities, The Miscarriage Association is a very small organisation, but it manages to make a major impact on a very limited budget. However you choose to help us will make a difference to someone else who is going through the misery of pregnancy loss.

If you would prefer to make a donation directly to the M.A., please see our Ways to Donate page.


We’d like to say a special thank you to Display Wizard for donating a fundraising banner which we proudly display at the London Marathon.

Fundraising ideas

The Miscarriage Association is a charity funded largely from donations and from individual fundraising activities, money raised by people like you, who have been through pregnancy loss themselves or care about someone who has, and who want to help others in a similar situation. Your fundraising will go directly into helping us to provide support […]

Online fundraising

Raising funds for the Miscarriage Association is easy – you can do it with any web-enabled device from anywhere that has a connection to the Internet. Every penny raised through the online channels below adds up, and makes a real difference to our ability to provide a quality service to everyone who is affected by […]

    Challenge events

    Whether you want to mark a loss, inspire others or overcome your fears, completing a charity challenge for the Miscarriage Association can be a significant life event.   The Miscarriage Association partners with a range of organisations to give our supporters access to a range of charity challenge events. Whether you’re thinking about jumping out […]

      Social Events

      Fundraising doesn’t have to be exhausting!  There are many ways you can raise money and awareness for the Miscarriage Association which don’t involve lycra.  We’ve had volunteers who’ve organised Karaoke nights, Country and Western concerts, Baby showers, Fun days, Pub Quizzes, Folk Music evenings, Drama performances and all sorts of other social events, so if […]


        It’s time to get your running shoes on! Whether you’re running a 5km race or taking on a marathon, running can be a fantastic way to improve your fitness and help raise awareness and funds for the Miscarriage Association. The Miscarriage Association has charity places in just two running events – the iconic London Marathon […]


        Where will your bike take you in 2019? Whether you’re riding in a local cycling challenge or organising your own route from John O’Groats to Lands End, cycling events can be a great way to get fit, achieve a personal goal and raise the essential funds that the Miscarriage Association needs to support those who’ve […]

          Fundraisers’ stories

          Be inspired by our fundraisers’ stories – and let us know if you’d like to add yours!