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Pregnancy loss within Black and Black mixed heritage communities

It has been identified that Black women have a 43% increased risk of miscarriage compared to white women*. We know that such a frightening statistic will be incredibly worrying to many people, and we strongly support the urgent need to understand why this is the case and to close that gap.

We hope this page and the resources and support listed below, which we will continue to update, will be helpful. If you have any views or experiences that you would like to share, please do get in touch.

Why is the risk of miscarriage greater for Black women?

It is not currently known why there is an increased risk of miscarriage for Black women, but we expect that there are a number of complex reasons.

It is important to acknowledge that inequality in healthcare and treatment will play a part – conscious and unconscious racism has been shown not to be uncommon in healthcare.

Experiences and views of care and support 

Miscarriage Association trustee, Natasha, who has experienced 8 miscarriages, didn’t always feel like she was taken seriously. Read more here and watch her story below.

It’s frustrating because we’ve been told about the problem, but we haven’t been given a solution.


Zainab lost her baby Noa during her second trimester, below you can hear her share her thoughts on whether being Black affected the care she received and what kind of support she feels should be available. A transcript is also available here.


One of the things I could have really benefited from was a targeted counselling service. I would have felt more comfortable in a space I could probably relate to more.

Ola, one of our Trustees, shares his thoughts on experiencing pregnancy loss in a mixed culture family, which you can read in full here.

What unfortunately stood out for us was how few stories and voices were heard from people with similar backgrounds to us regarding baby loss. It would have really helped us to see and hear the experiences of people who came from similar cultures.

*The Lancet, Miscarriage Matters, April 26, 2021

Further information and support

We’re here to provide pregnancy loss support and information, but there are also lots of other organisations that can give support specifically to Black and Black mixed heritage people. Please note that while we suggest that the following external pages might be helpful, we have no control over the content.

Pregnancy loss and general support:

Five X More – an organisation committed to changing and highlighting Black maternal health outcomes in the UK

Black Baby Loss Awareness Week (BBLAW) – an awareness event raising Black communities’ awareness of services providing care and support after pregnancy and baby loss

Alicia Burnett – registered midwife and founder of BBLAW

Dope Black Mums – a digital space for black women to navigate motherhood together

Dope Black Dads – a digital space for black fathers

Tommy’s – information on the risk of miscarriage for Black and Black Mixed Heritage women

Pregnancy related support:

Black Mothers Matter – supporting Black pregnancies across the UK

Melanin Mothers – maternity education and advocacy

Black Mamas Birth Village – a community for Black pregnant women