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Making a donation

Thank you for visiting this page. Your support makes a real difference to the services that we provide.

There are lots of ways to donate to the Miscarriage Association: online, text, telephone, bank transfer or cheque – whatever is easiest for you.

To donate online, please click here.  Your donations will be processed securely by CAF, the Charities Aid Foundation, who also process Gift Aid for us.

To donate by phone, please call 01924 200799 during office hours.

To donate by bank transfer, please call 01924 200799 during office hours to get our bank details. (We don’t provide these online for security reasons.)

To donate by cheque, please make your cheque payable to the Miscarriage Association and send it to us at 2 Otters Holt, Wakefield WF4 3QE.

To donate goods, you can use one of the schemes listed on our donating goods page.

Gift Aid

In every case, if you are a UK tax payer, Gift-Aiding your donation will mean that the Inland Revenue will add an extra 25% to the charity at no cost to you!

Company giving

Many companies make donations to charities nominated by their employees and with tax breaks to encourage them to do so, this is time to get your boss giving. Some companies prefer to sponsor something specific – such as one of our leaflets – while others are happy to make a donation to general costs. Similarly, if you have connections with decision-makers in a company or charitable trust why not suggest that they make a donation to the Miscarriage Association?

If you’d like to discuss making a donation, please contact us.

Donations policy

You’ll find our donations policy here.


Regular Giving

Choosing to give to the Miscarriage Association through a regular giving scheme at work or by setting up a direct debit could not be more straightforward. Regular Giving – via the Charities Aid Foundation. It’s easy to set up a direct debit to support the Miscarriage Association on an ongoing basis via CAF.   This can […]

    Donating goods

    Do you have household items that you no longer need: perhaps clothes, furniture or even an old car? From time to time, we are alerted to organisations that are able to help our supporters turn their unwanted goods into funds for the Miscarriage Association. We have listed the current opportunities that we are aware of […]

      Remembering in your will

      Thinking about making a will is something that lots of us put off, for all sorts of reasons. Amongst other things, we might assume that whatever we leave will automatically go to our partner and/or children – although that might not be so. Or we might feel that we don’t have much to leave anyway, […]

        Gift aid form

        An easy way to make subscriptions and donations to the Miscarriage Association go further. Inland Revenue rules allow us to reclaim tax on all membership subscriptions and donations paid by UK tax payers. By downloading and completing the form below, you will add up to 25% of the value of your subscription or donation at […]