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Miscarriage policy at Lucky Generals

Katie Lee, CEO of Lucky Generals, explains why and how they put a miscarriage policy in place.

Lucky Generals is a fast-growing creative company with about 75 people in the UK. We pride ourselves on our culture and the fact that we treat everyone as part of the family (our churn rate is only 7% in an industry average of 31%).

That being said, we are growing at speed and never want to assume that those who have recently joined feel as comfortable as oldtimers. I’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that we are doing all we can to maintain this culture.

One of those areas of focus is on our policies. We offer the best we can afford in terms of parental leave, and regularly update our policies to try and keep leading the charge.

Interestingly, including a miscarriage policy just hadn’t occurred to me until I spoke at an event about the impact of going back to work after a miscarriage and it was suggested as one of the ways that companies could help. I just hadn’t thought about it – we would treat everyone as an individual and be incredibly generous and compassionate but I didn’t think you could codify such a thing.

But of course, it’s not really about the content of the policy, it’s the fact that it’s there and that we have understood how people might feel in that situation and got things out in the open.

I got into work the day after the event, wrote the policy with help from information from the Miscarriage Association website, got the policy signed off internally and updated our policies the next day. I have asked for feedback from the agency as to what they think, whether they think it goes far enough and what else we should be doing. We’ve had positive feedback so far and articles about our new policy in PR News and Campaign.