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Running the 2019 London Marathon for the Miscarriage Association

Dan shares his reasons for running the 2019 London Marathon.

This run represented moving on, remembering all of the angels that we never met and being thankful that we never lost faith and we are one of the lucky ones...

Our miscarriage story is like so many others and hopefully, sharing it helps others to realise there are others that have gone through this.  Apologies if this is a bit hard to bear but I guess that’s what miscarriage is…lonely, selfish and nearly always hidden.

Running the London Marathon was significant to us as a family as it was in London that our experiences all happened. From sat crying on a cold bathroom floor at 4am as another one slips away, through to the seemingly endless baby parade, painting on a smile holding a new baby while others say ‘you’ll be next’, 🌈

My marathon journey ended around 3.30pm on the Mall.  Just a short way from Guys and St Thomas hospital where we spent so many hopeful but ultimately painful days during IVF.  Being linked to others going through similar experiences was so crucial for us coping with miscarriage.

So, running 26.2 miles was just a small gesture. There are many currently on their journey affected by the pain and silence around miscarriage, infertility and pregnancy loss.

We had 3 miscarriages on the way to meeting our little boy, Bennett. I’ll always be dedicated and grateful to the Miscarriage Association for the help and support we received during the darkest points. Depression, anxiety and a huge strain on our marriage are some of the parts of miscarriage that are so often hidden.

We are delighted to have raised so much for Team M.A..



Our thanks to Dan, who raised over £3000 in sponsorship.