Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

Baby Loss Awareness Week is held annually from 9 to 15 October. It’s a special opportunity to mark the lives of babies lost in pregnancy or at or soon after birth.

During this week, we work alongside more than 90 other charities and groups to raise awareness of key issues that affect people who have lost a baby.

Theme of the week – isolation

This year Baby Loss Awareness Week will focus on a general theme – one that is true at any time, but even more so during the coronavirus pandemic this year – isolation.

Each day during #BLAW2020 we plan to explore a different topic within the overall theme, with the aim of helping people feel less isolated and to spread the message that #YouAreNotAlone. The daily topics will be:

Fri 9 October – An introduction to the week with a focus on mental wellbeing, a day for those directly affected

Sat 10 October – A focus on partners, and also including those without partners

Sun 11 October – Considering the wider family, including children, and friends – support for them and how they can support someone they know

Mon 12 October – A focus on the workplace – employees, employers/managers, HR and colleagues

Tue 13 October – Looking at how issues around culture, ethnicity and religion can impact positively or negatively on pregnancy and baby loss

Wed 14 October – Exploring the impact of pregnancy loss and looking at the needs of LGBTQ+ people

Thu 15 October – A focus on remembrance, the different ways in which people remember their babies, different cultures and traditions; and the Wave of Light

Throughout the week we’ll be inviting people to share their stories and any ways they have found to get through or lessen isolation. We’ll also be sharing our information and resources, and featuring other groups and organisations that can help.

Pin badges

One way to mark the week is to wear a Baby Loss Awareness Week enamel pin badge. These are available year-round from our online shop for £3.50 including postage and packaging (UK orders only).

Turning the UK pink and blue

Year-on-year we’ve seen an increase in the number of public buildings and landmarks lit up in support of Baby Loss Awareness Week – from 71 in 2017 to 267 in 2019.  Despite the challenges that the pandemic is likely to bring, we’re still hoping to get lots of colour out there this year too. See if you can help us, here.

You might also like to think about having some kind of pink and blue display in a front window, or with fairy lights outside.

If you’d like to show your support and spread the word on social media you can find profile images and banners here.

Photo: Ely Cathedral lit up in pink and blue for Baby Loss Awareness Week (Credit: James Billings Photography)

Wave of Light, 15 October

At the end of the week each year, 15 October, you may like to take part in the International Wave of Light, where people around the world light a candle or candles at 7pm in memory of the baby or babies they have lost. Photos of these candles on social media create a wave of light that spreads across the globe. You can join this virtual wave of light by adding your photo at 7pm with the tag #WaveofLight.

You can see a gallery of candles that were shared with us in 2019 on our Facebook page.

This year, the Miscarriage Association is happy to be able to host its own special Wave of Light events on Zoom. The events, which also take place at 7pm on October 15th, will allow people affected by pregnancy loss or the loss of a baby at or soon after birth to come together online to light candles of remembrance and hear the name of their baby, or other special details, read out.

You can read more about these events, and how you can register for them, here.

Keeping you updated

Every year, we share updates before and during the week here on our website and on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This year we’ll be including updates about our Miles That Matter fundraising challenge which comes to an end on the last day of Baby Loss Awareness Week, 15 October.

You can also find more information about Baby Loss Awareness Week, including a list of the different charities involved, here.


For a reflection on last year’s Baby Loss Awareness Week and its impact, please see our news story.