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You can do it Mummy!

Their names are in my head and I’m ready to go,
Now it’s time to get set and go with the flow.
Over hurdles, across the finishing line,
To a place in my dreams to a goal that’s mine.
The prize is a baby, a gift of life,
I stand proud beyond all measures as a mother and a wife.
I think of all the fun, the joy this can bring,
Moving forwards in my life, it’s my world, my everything.
Action, adventure and challenge doesn’t go away,
But it’s brought all together in joy, laughs and play.
Holidays abroad- sun, sea, sand and surf,
The price I would pay for this- I would pay the earth.
This is the future I long for amid the black and white,
When I look towards this now I see it’s shining bright.
With baby in arms and support by my side,
I can achieve the things I want to with my heart open wide.
So beyond the hurdles there’s a clear view in sight,
It’s all I’ve ever wanted, I beam with pure delight.
With my children at the end with smiles upon their face,
I don’t look over my shoulder as they are truly my first place.


Siân Green

30th December 2014

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