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Stars of remembrance – Sky 4

The Miscarriage Association’s Stars of remembrance section provides a memorial space for babies lost in pregnancy – a special place to mark the brief lives of those babies who died before they were born.

You can write a message in memory of your baby or simply provide us with a name and date and we will place a new star in the sky, linked to your message.  You can see how that works by clicking on any of the stars below.

We’ll email to let you know your star has been added, and we’ll give you a unique ID which you can use to search for your star. That’s important, because each time this page is visited and as stars are added, the position and size of stars will change.

This is our fourth Stars of remembrance page – Sky 4. You can find our other skies, already filled with stars, here.

If you’re looking for our old Forget-me-not meadows or Lights of love trees these have been archived and can be accessed below:

Adding your message

Please e-mail your message to us at fundraising@miscarriageassociation.org.uk with the subject “Stars of Remembrance”. Please keep messages to less than 450 characters or about 90 words. We’ll e-mail to let you know when your message has been added (it may take a few days).

Please consider making a donation to the Miscarriage Association to help us to continue providing support and information to others who have lost a baby in pregnancy. You can donate online or contact our office if you prefer to donate by telephone or by post.