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Two lines

Waiting, waiting, so anxiously waiting, the two week wait of hell,
Buying the test, racing upstairs even though it might not end well,

Three minutes is all it takes to show but it feels like a life time,
Hoping, praying, trying to relax, convincing yourself it’s all fine.

Two lines appear and what should be joy is filled with another emotion,
Something uncomfortable deep inside, life suddenly turns slow motion.

No excitement here just fear and panic praying those lines don’t go,
It’s all you’ve wished for for months on end but the worry is all you know.

Telling yourself that this time will be different and clinging on to hope,
But secretly wondering if it all goes wrong how will you begin to cope.

Friends and family squirm when you tell them, no celebration here,
Far too premature for that, you’re not out of the woods and that’s clear.

Those two lines are the beginning of a rocky road ahead,
Not filled with the usual excitement but more with worry and with dread.

For most, two lines are all they need to know that a new life will start,
But miscarriage blurs the lines we see and the issue lies more in the heart.

Wishing hard, doing everything one should to make this baby mine,
All of these emotions as the result of a second line.