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To our first little baby

12 weeks of loving you and dreaming of what your future might hold,
“I’m concerned I cant find a heartbeat” is what we were told,
In that one second our dreams were shattered,
All of the little things and worries in life no longer mattered,
You never expect it to happen to you,
But as everyone tells us – its so common, that’s true.

The night before our 12 week scan we admired my little growing tummy,
Starting to finally allow excitement that we were to be daddy and mummy,
We saw your little heart beating on the scan at week eight,
We had to see you early – we just couldn’t wait!
Everything had been fine,
There was not even one little sign,
This is what is known as a missed miscarriage,
No doubt the hardest thing we have had to endure in our marriage.

So we say goodbye to our first little baby,
And hopefully in the not too distant future we will be lucky, maybe.

By Laura

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