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They had a baby too

Pregnancy starts the same
The excitement and the expectation
The dreams of a newborn in one’s arms
A future full of hope, right before one’s eyes

Pregnancy doesn’t always end the same
A life taken so soon, before it sees the world
A life taken after it took its first breath
Joy turned to tears and pain

There is such hope for the life that was so new
It grows up peacefully beyond the blue
No tear or pain touches them
Surrounded by angels they dance and smile

It’s a different story for the mum and dad
They had a baby they didn’t get to keep
The struggle and pain to birth the little one
Was no different to anyone else

There’s no joy, no smile
There’s hurt, and pain and loss
No one or thing can fix it.
It’s a heartbreak like no other.

You may not see her baby in her arms
But she had a baby too.
It changed her body and person
It almost killed her too

Pregnancy, it doesn’t end the same always
But it always creates a mum, a dad
They were pregnant without a happy ending
It only created wounds beyond repair

By Chrisma

An update from Chrisma since we published her poem in 2020, which she hopes might bring others hope, “We were blessed with our miracle baby in 2021.”


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