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The Silent Separation

Like losing an eyelash – A miscarriage that is ‘missed’.

A silent separation from my most important wish.

You floated away and I was completely unaware,

I didn’t think this was it… I thought it was a scare.

Three days later at twenty past five,

That’s the moment I accepted you were no longer alive.

A lump in my throat replaced my small bump of a tummy.

You had gone… I was no longer a Mummy.

You were the bright ray of Sunshine, who for weeks filled my head,

Even on the cloudiest of days, I leapt out of my bed.

Now this cloud of nothing feels so heavy on my shoulders,

And even though it’s August the nights feel colder… and colder.

You were the blip on the screen that we didn’t get to see,

But you were still a part of Daddy and you were still a part of me.

They say the worst is over now, but we still have tears to flow,

Never will we forget you… Our baby who didn’t grow.


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