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The love within

I never got to feel you move or hear your tiny heart
The love was all within
I never got to see your face or hold your tiny hands
The love was well within
I never got to smell your hair or give you all a name
The love was here within
I planned my life with you in it and wondered how it be
I loved you from within
I named you all and wondered why
I loved you all within
I panicked worried cried and smiled
The love within it hurt
I cried until I had no tears, the pain was hard to bare
The love within is sad
I found in time I could move on
The love was by my side
I found my strength with your daddy
The love it held my hand
I cared for him he kissed my cheek
The love it made me smile
And dad by day with daddy’s help your mummy came to heal
The love within is strong
The love within us all is strong let’s share it with our friends

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