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Sarah was moved to write a poem after experiencing a miscarriage after undergoing a round of IVF. She hopes that it might resonate with other people going through something similar.

Why does the sun have to shine so brightly, When all I feel is sorrow?
Why does my garden grow and bloom,
When my heart feels broken and hollow?

Why do the birds sing their tune,
How does the earth keep turning?
When inside me, all sense of time has stopped, And all I feel is yearning

Why were we given the gift of life,
Only for it to be cruelly snatched away?
Why were we allowed to dream,
Even though our baby could not stay?

Why can’t we turn back the clock
And let nature take a better course?
Why can’t we live in a parallel universe, Without suffering or remorse?

Why did you have to disappear,
Without even saying goodbye?
Why were our dreams destroyed,
In the quick blink of an eye?

‘Why,’ I will always ask,
‘Did we have to know this pain?’
How will we ever find
The strength to dream again?

You showed me the power of hope,
And what I may one day become,
For even though our time together was brief, It was the greatest joy to be your mum.

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