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Rainbow – A poem for Eliza


I thought I saw you through the raincloud

A speck of colour in the sky

I packed my bag, right there and then

I cast my fears aside

And I set out on a journey

Which others trod a thousand times

There was nothing going to stop me

My dreaming fuelled the climb


For days the rain beat down upon me

Trickled water down my back

I dried myself off

Took a deep breath

And I paced along that track.


I’m sure I saw you through that raincloud

A band of colour in the sky

You’re my entire focus

My who, my where, my why

And now I see you getting closer

The hues of hope light up the sky

And my faith is getting stronger

And my dreams are soaring high


Yet for months, the rain beats on me

Beads of water down my back

I dry myself off

Take a deep breath

And face the storms constant attack


I stare straight at you through the raincloud

An arch of beauty lights the sky

And I’m staring at you wildly

I stretch out on tip-toes, but why –

Why, when I get near you

Do you seem so far away?

Why does the cloud come and take you?

Why do you fade in to the grey?


For years, the rain beats down upon me

Pools of doubt coming flooding back

Sometimes I dry myself off

Remember to breathe

I’ve no choice…

I think I’ll turn back.


Because  5 times I chased you through those rain clouds

And I reached in to the sky

Each time, my fingertips swept through you

Each time, a piece of hope would die.


And as the rain beat down upon me

I threw my shirt from off my back

‘Enough for now’ I shouted

For, I had come to the end of the track.


But, just then…


The rain stopped falling

As the last tear dropped from my eye

Suddenly, without warning,

A bright light filled up the sky


A rainbow, smiled right above me

The sun’s rays bounced off  my back

I dried my tears off

Took a deep breath

Her beauty took me aback


Pink was the colour of her skin

Pools of blue were the shade of her eyes

Red is my heart full of love for her

Flaxen hair, like the morning sunrise

White, the colour of pureness,

Green, the colour of life

A whole spectrum danced round the skyline

Displacing the darkness of strife


Seven colours in a rainbow

Seven heartbeats heard my heart

Two hear it on the outside

Seven felt it from the start

This time when I reached out for the rainbow

And stretched out my arms and my spine

You held your hands towards me

I could finally say,


You were mine.


By Vicki



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