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My poem from my broken heart

People buzzing round me – it’s just another day,
For me it’s a real struggle to keep my grief at bay.
My baby is in heaven – how can I deal with that?
Trying to be ok and keep my feelings under my hat.
My dreams are truly shattered, my plans and hopes are gone,
My life has changed immensely, I just can’t carry on.
So why was he taken? Oh why did u pick me? To spend my life grieving and longing for my baby?
I just can’t comprehend it, how cruel life be,
You gave me life inside me then wouldn’t let it be.
I wonder if you picked me, thinking I was strong?
Did you think I’d get over it and wouldn’t grieve for long?
But really I’m not coping, though some say I’m so brave,
I can’t believe u took his life, and left a tiny grave.
Maybe it’s a trial…maybe it’s a test,
If you had let me be his mum I would have been the best.
But as my little Angel isn’t in my loving arms, Please hug him tightly and keep him safe from harm.
I’m needed here as mummy to my other darling 3, wife to grieving Daddy who stays strong for me.
But when my time is over and my job here is done, I’ll glide up to my baby boy and hug him tight…I’m your MUM.
Love and hugs to all grieving parents at this difficult time of year.

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