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Our little angels

Joy is a wonderful thing were pregnant

The moment we found out, We were over joyed with happiness

This soon turned to grief, We lost our first little angel at 5-6 weeks Dec 2010,

We were told you will find your pain will ease in time

Our due date came and went Jul 2011, it broke our hearts

We felt cheated, no baby and broken hearted

The anniversary of the miscarriage approached Dec 2011

We were sad for our lose but elated we were pregnant again

We were terrified too, what if it happened again

Our new dates almost mirror imaged our first little angels

We thought it’s our little miracle, but soon we were troubled

Our second little angel was struggling, first scan was needed early

Our second little angel was not as big as hoped only 5.5 weeks ( not 8 )

We were called back, 10 days later, to find out you had no heart beat and  died at 6.5 weeks old Dec 2011

Dismayed, I could hardly walk, we both were speechless, our hearts broken, not again , why us?

You both were wanted so much, it hurts us both,

We hope you will look after each other, and one day we will see you both

Daddy and I hope to have a little one here with us one day, our love for you brings us closer

Love you little ones always our little angels, Mummy and Daddy Jan 2011 x x x x

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