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My Miscarriage

Kim shares her personal experience of miscarriage and making decisions.

I want to point out that this is an account of my very personal experience of miscarriage. I am sure that it may be very different from one person to the next but there are some things that took me totally by surprise that would have been helpful to read about before I made the decision on which option to take to remove my pregnancy. I very much hope it gives others a clearer picture of what to expect. so I felt that if writing about my own experience helped even one person, in the way that Laura’s story helped me, then it would be so worthwhile.

“I  finally  came  across  the  Miscarriage  Association  website  which  had  some  good  information  but  still nothing specific enough to help me really prepare for exactly what I was likely to see if I continued on this natural process . However, I did notice a link to “Laura Talks” where one brave person wrote  about her own recent experience of miscarriage and it gave me the detail I was looking for.  A frank, open and slightly terrifying account of what the journey was like for her. It was an incredible read and it helped me to make my decision about how I wanted to progress.”

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