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To Mend A Broken Heart

It’s hard to find the words my darling,
The words people expect to hear.
Like how I can’t live any longer,
Knowing you’re not here.
When every day I see your smile,
How happy you will be,
Surrounded by your angel friends,
But far away from me.

I hope you know I love you sweetheart,
How I’ve loved you from the start.
I loved you with your halo,
And shared your broken heart.
But I know you’re in safe hands now baby,
Your heart has been made whole.
Now it’s time to work on mine,
To bring healing to my soul.

So while Jesus works in me,
Please always know,
That even when I smile again,
I’m just trying to grow.
To be the mummy you deserve,
When I finally hold you tight-
I need to be strong my baby,
I need to seek the light.

So smile my baby, In the arms of Jesus,
Smile every day,
Because angels are your friends now
And the Father lights your way.

I will see you again my darling,
All that’s left to say,
Is I love you more than words can tell,
And I’ll miss you every day.

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