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May was the month of miscarriage

May was the month of miscarriage
And a grief that left me shook
Yet in times of such suffering
We can find gratitude if we look

Here’s a heartfelt thank you to those that pulled me through

To the sonographer who made sure he said my name
When he delivered the sad news
And the doctor who treated me with compassion
When I was just so confused
To the midwife who hugged me tightly
And told me it was not the end
To the nurse who gave me tissues
And acted like a friend
To my husband who kissed me gently
As he wiped away the blood
And loved me even harder
When my tears started to flood
To my tribe who rallied around me
Or had me in their thoughts
And the women who shared their own stories
In solidarity and support
And to our precious Bubs
Who we loved like no other
You gave me the greatest gift of all
And made me a mother

By Ainsleigh

Ainsleigh writes more about her miscarriage here, including details about the physical process.

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