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Golden light,
Above the stars,
Body not right and so,
To come again to us,
Or someone new,
Your soul will choose.

The timing wasn’t right,
The divine path was turned,
Needing us for 14 weeks,
And deciding to return.

Grown in body,
And in souls,
And that was enough.

Curled asleep,
Your back to me,
Rest, Heal,
Peaceful still.

Although hard to see,
You came to teach,
About wanting, love and loss,
And we wait,
With fingers crossed,
This time teaches us something,
So beautiful and profound,
That the thought of losing you,
Becomes something more,
Than Earth abound.

Time moving,
Flowers are wilting,
Sorrows are forgotten,
Words gone.

Confusion reigns.
How should I feel?
What should I do?
Meaning lost,
Thoughts of you,

But the blackness needs light,
Time to move on.
Replacing words with thoughts,
And carrying on.

No time,
No space,
Only love,
Only light.


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