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Your life was over before you were born

All that light that never shone

All those smiles we didn’t see

All those years now lost to me.


No nappy rash to soothe with cream

No little twitches as you dream

No shining eyes that fill with tears

No mother’s hugs to ease your fears.


No rosy chubby cheeks to pinch

No little squeals when you’re made to flinch

No tiny little finger tips

To brush against my waiting lips.


No perfect toes to wrap in socks

No memories for my baby box

No nursery rhymes we might have read

No lock of hair from your precious head.


All these little missing things

The hot and stinging tears they bring

The loss we feel. The heartfelt pain

At the sad, soft whispering of your name.


Although you never came to be

You’re still a special part of me

I loved you then, I love you now

I’ll never stop. I don’t know how.


By Colin Brammer


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