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My little paper treasure box

There was a box I had so small,
it started like a seed…
And in that box I’d place my all
that meant the world to me…
Those little toes and little feet,
and precious little hands,
so fragile and so delicate
could fit into my hand…
Those little beats I treasured to hear,
that little sound of joy,
into my little paper treasure box
silent brought a void…
My little paper treasure box,
held into it a gem, so tiny, soft and fragile
it sadly slipped away…
My paper dreams,
seemed like ink in an ocean,
as I wrote upon your box…
Your beautiful face now I shall lock, forever, in my paper treasure box…
It was blown with the wind, and as I saw it fly away, landed in puddles
of tears from my face…
And only if tears could save you my love,
you would live in an ocean of unexpressed love…
An ocean of hugs I dreamed to give you….
Those sweet little feet and hands how I’d kiss, if I lived in an ocean with you on my knees.
The joy I would feel as I rock you to sleep,
or bounce you around like a little horsey..
And feed you your food, so specially made….I will always wonder what you’d like to taste….
What you’d like to wear,
or how you would play,
or when you’d say mummy I love you today….

And as my paper box, falls deep in the sea,
I see it is tearing shredding memories..
I try to hold dearly as they float away,
and try to caress since I want them to stay…
It’s taking me time to slowly understand, you’re now just a picture into my hand.
Still small as you were, but now you are far, travelling softly nearer the stars..
So every night I look at the sky
and speak to your spirit that’s somewhere up high..

You are now not hidden into my box,
the paper is torn and wet like a cloth…
You slipped away so suddenly…
All I can say….I never knew,
I’d feel so empty under the moon.
So I look up, and open my arms,
to hold you my baby for another chance…
No box, no ocean, keeping us apart…
…and as that breeze comes,
I remember your name,
your beautiful presences I try to portray..
And hold onto your spirit,
and cherish the thought,
as I remember today,
my little paper treasure box.

Today I have chosen to honour my little angels and all lost little souls that left us so suddenly, with this poem I wrote.


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