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Little Olive

It was Monday afternoon, when I learned that you were here,
I sat in the bathroom bemused, excited and definitely full of fear.

I had five minutes alone to ponder; the only person in the world to know,
I couldn’t wait for him to get home; in my hand a positive test to show.

We hugged, kissed and cried as we knew we had a treasure,
My love for you came out of nowhere and was far too strong to measure.

The three of us together, taking a moment to digest,
The biggest blessing you became, far greater than all the rest.

As the weeks passed on and my body started to change,
I complained and moaned daily but deep down it felt wondrous and strange.

You consumed my every thought and I tracked your progress daily,
From a blueberry to a raspberry, you were my ever growing baby.

I sung to you in the car when I read that you had ears,
Talking to you always, my eyes filled with happy tears.

I fell deeper and deeper in love watching you grow day to day,
I suppose that made it so much harder when I knew you were taken away.


It was Wednesday afternoon, when I learned that you were gone,
But we will never forget the joy you gave and the bright light that you shone.

You were only here for ten weeks, to the size of an Olive you grew,
But we are better than ever and the strongest team and that’s all because of you.

Thank you for everything; for the happiness and bliss that you gave.
I will love and miss you forever but right now I have to be brave.

I struggle with the silence, there is no more singing in the car,
But I’m grateful that you were here, now I will love you from afar.

I will never ever forget you but now it’s time for you to rest,
But just remember little Olive, that you made us be our best.


By Yasmin


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