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The little blue line

Such excitement, such joy

We could hardly believe our luck when we saw you appear

Disbelief and a tingle of fear

Our little line of joy

So faint at first

But a few days later, still there, getting bolder

Excitement building day by day

A little line of dreams

Fit to burst with every breath

How can I be expected to hold this in?

Surely if I tell one soul, it won’t hurt

Our little line

Weeks pass so slowly

Even slower when holding a massive secret in

So big but so tiny

Our secret little line

Sharing our excitement

Was everything I’d ever dreamt of

More people looking forward to meeting

Our little line

The promise of meeting you

Made feeling rubbish worthwhile

And reminded me you were there, always with me

My little line

Suddenly, shockingly


Heart racing, panic, this can’t be happening to me, to us

Our little line

Waiting and thinking

Thoughts enough to drive me insane

A weight of responsibility to keep you safe, to look after

My little line

The waiting is over

You are not there, were you ever real?

Just a little line

Now just an empty circle

Such Disappointment, Such Sorrow

Why aren’t you there? Where did you go?

Disbelief and a tingle of fear

An empty circle

Days of suffering and pain

Pain that needed to be felt but shouldn’t have been

But the end of the pain is the end of you,

Our little blue line

All alone, just me

Hopes and dreams escaped with the screams

My angel baby lost in a breath, but not gone

Our little blue line

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