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I never…

I never got to smell your hair
Or wipe the tears off your face
I wish we’d had the chance to meet
But sadly that’s not the case

On the day I found out I was expecting you
I couldn’t contain my joy
I’d started thinking of names for you
Would you be a girl or a boy?

I longed for the day I could cuddle you
I longed to feel that first kick
I wanted to have every craving
I wouldn’t even mind feeling sick!

You didn’t meet your brother Zak
He is such a little fighter
And going forward, when I think of you
I’ll hug him that little bit tighter

It pains me that you had to leave
Brings tears to my eyes that you had to go
And I want to say I love you baby
But I’m sure you already know

So if I’d been able to sniff your hair
Or wipe your tears dry
I’d count my blessings every day
I’d never have said goodbye

By Charlotte

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