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I was a ‘we’ but now I’m ‘me’

I was a we but now I’m me
The me I was before
Have I forgotten, who was I?
Was the who or I this empty
Without we who am I?

Tether me to this world before I float away
To you?
With a cord tether me
That tiny cord
Please grow bigger next time
Next time?

We slept we showered we ate
We walked we talked
About this world and you and me and we

I’m not the I I was before because we made me closer to what I am meant to be
And you?
We were meant to grow, we, not I

Let’s sleep and shower and eat
And walk and talk
About this world, do you know more

Float away or tether down
Wherever you are I can be as we
I promise
My baby.

By Grace

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