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Delayed reaction

Three months have past

And slipped through time

And left nothing sublime

Just hard edges

Closed off bridges

To another reality

Not the duality

Of this existence

This subsistence

Where we slumber through

Remain untrue

To the hopes and dreams

That burst at the seams

And left us forlorn



Visions of plenty

Of love

From above

Left at the side

Left tied

To the date

To the fate

Of you

We now seek chances anew

In that room of hurt

Try to convert

Our hopes

And cope

With the not knowing

The not growing

That is possible every time

Every chime

Of the long-worn

Body clock, shorn

Of its sheen

But we are still keen

To seek a resolution


Of our sins

And win

What we wish for

Have Yearned for

Over these barren years

Replacing the tears

Left by a hole,

Seared in our souls,

The size of you

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