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From dark hours will come joy

I’ve wandered aimless as a dandelion scattered to the wind,
Watched helpless as the tides of emotion sweep across your Mother’s brow,
Seen rivers bathe her tired cheeks,
And wished I could have known you as she has,
I’ve listened to the platitudes and oh wells until I want to scream,
I’ve heard the stories of someone, someone else has known,
I’ve looked deep into their eyes
And cannot find you,
I see our child and see what might have been,
And hope,
I hope that we can find cheer in the good fortune we have,
I’ve felt like driving long and hard and fast,
I’ve felt like walking in the rain for days until I am sodden,
If I was a drinker I’d chain-smoke and sip whisky from a paper bag,
If only to lift this cloud of nothing that weighs so hard upon us both,
I look at time and see a long expanse, where just a few days ago were seconds not months,
I’ve seen the fear of close ones’ eyes
And felt the hugs of their thoughts and prayers,
I’ve dreamt of futures yet to come,
But know not when, or how or if they will,
I’ve seen this time before I think,
And know as I sit upon the brink of all these tears that struggle to run free,
That if you could you’d cry for me,
And so despite the numbness and the pain,
I look upon our one brief interlude together,
A time of joy and hopes to carry,
And know that in that better place we’ll meet
And hear you say how great it was to share our life,
If only for a day,
And now I hope you will watch close,
Hold our dreams and with the glue of time and love,
Bind this family once again, to laugh and smile and live in peace,
For from these dark hours will come joy.


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