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Always with you


When you cradled your tummy

Your warmth quilted me, I felt safe

When you called out to me

Know that I called back


When you rested in your quiet place

I enjoyed our perfect stillness

When you considered our future

Know that I listened eagerly with excitement and intrigue


When you bled

I wept

When you cried

I still held on


When you hold my scan

I look back to you with fondness

When you hug your tummy

Know that I hug every part of you


When you whisper my name

I answer through the silence

When you sleep at night

Know that I curl up, right beside you


When you play our song

I listen, I reminisce, I embrace our memories

When you hold out your hand

I hold on tight and don’t let go


Our love is painful, beautiful and endless

It resonates in the rain, the sun and the snow

It keeps me alive, it keeps me with you

Know that I am with you, I am always with you




Missed miscarriage April 2017


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