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A Playful Life

Creating a life, so important to me,
Creating a bond, a family.
I can see it so clear I want to reach out and touch,
A desire in my heart – I want it so very much.
My living won’t stop, I won’t lose my place,
I can still fulfil my sports but with passion and with grace.
We can do things together, share each other’s likes,
Play games, run fun races, pedal along on our bikes.
I could teach them how to swim, learn to love the water,
These visions of me are so strong, with my son or daughter.
Holding hands, smiling and laughing all the way,
The warmth of the sun, our first holiday.
How I wish these moments could come true,
Hearing the words I long to hear of ‘Mummy I love you’.

By Siân Green, 30th December 2014

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