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For Zamira

A month before what would have been her due date, Karen Mercer wrote the following poem for her baby, Zamira, who died at 8 weeks.

8 Months pregnant
With a soul in my womb-
Full bodied and bellied
and getting ready to give
Getting a cot ready and
Making a space for this
New little life to fill.
That’s how it would be
You’re not coming though-
Sometimes when the moon
Pulls me – Round and large
In the night-
I feel so empty of you-
Every flow of blood-
A reliving of your death-
The memory imprinted into
My cells – each one grieving
For you – My body empty of
You – My heart filled with love for you.
Abandoned by my baby-
Womb evacuated-
Sore, empty stomach
That I clutch-
Vacated womb-
Numbed with pain
almost destroyed
With pain-
Physical Absence-
But Spiritual presence-
As I know you are
Wise spirit
Wise angel
Wise little one-
And although I physically
Ache for you-
And I mourn you
And I cry tears for you,
I say Thank you,
Precious little soul
For showing me
So Much
And I Love You. xxx

Karen Mercer

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