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95% safe, 100% perfect

Despite seeing a heartbeat and being assured of a 95% chance of her pregnancy being safe, Katie miscarried. She hopes this poem will help others, just as other people's stories and poems have helped her and her partner.


You were there after all our waiting.

You are gone and I’m left suffocating.

You were there, a hope, a dream, my fascination.

You are gone and my dreams have become a bloody devastation.

You were there, your little heart beating.

You are gone and all my hope is depleting.


You are gone but they say there is hope for another.

You are gone and I’m not ready to be someone else’s mother.


You were there in our future plan.

You are gone, nothing left but your perfect figure on a scan.

You were there bundled up inside me.

You are gone and I feel alone, numb and empty.

You were there 95% safe, they said don’t worry.

You are gone but I will always be your mummy.


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