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Your feelings

Looking at the range of feelings around pregnancy loss.

A range of emotions

In this section we describe some of the feelings and emotions people have when faced with pregnancy loss.

Special circumstances

In this section, we talk about the emotional experience of coping with individual circumstances of pregnancy loss.

Your mental health

We all need to look after our mental health. Pregnancy loss may mean you need to take even greater care of yourself for a while. Pregnancy loss and mental health problems You may have experienced a loss recently. Or perhaps your loss or losses were a while ago but you feel as bad, or worse […]

Thinking about another pregnancy

In this section we talk about what to consider if you’re thinking of trying again.

    Pregnancy after miscarriage

    Pregnancy after a previous miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy* can be really tough. Many people experience challenging mixed emotions including guilt, fear, anxiety, worry, hope and relief. * Please note that we often use the term ‘pregnancy loss’ to include miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy. But sometimes, using the word ‘miscarriage’ for all three makes […]


    In this section we offer help and advice specifically for partners on how to cope with loss.

    Young people

    In this section we offer support and advice specifically for young people who have suffered from pregnancy loss.


    Supporting someone through pregnancy loss

    Our Simply Say campaign offers suggestions about how to support someone who has experienced pregnancy loss.

    Other people’s reactions

    Help and advice about talking to your partner, children, family, friends and colleagues.

      Counselling after a miscarriage

      In this section we have advice for finding a qualified and registered counsellor.