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GP practice: a template for patient follow-up after miscarriage

For many women and their partners, the diagnosis and management of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy may be followed by a distinct lack of follow-up, support or information, perhaps when they need them most.

A supportive contact from their GP can make a significant difference to their experience, even if they choose not to take up the offer of an appointment or telephone call.

Patients’ needs and circumstances differ, as do the resources that GP practices can offer, but the following template may be a starting point, to be tailored as appropriate. You can also download this template as a Word file.

Dear [patient name]

I was sorry to learn from [hospital/clinic] that you have recently experienced a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy/molar pregnancy. If you would like to make an appointment [face to face or on the phone] to talk about what has happened and perhaps to ask any questions, please book a time by [contact information].

There are also some support and information services that you might like to know about: [tailor as needed]

Yours sincerely

GP name