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Second trimester loss: late miscarriage

6th January 2023

The experience of second trimester loss, miscarriage after 13 weeks of pregnancy, can come as a huge shock.

The care, information and support that women and their partners receive during this time is crucial in helping them through these most difficult of times, so we’re pleased to be able to launch a new set of resources for people who experience second trimester loss.

Based on 846 responses to our online survey, our web pages cover the following topics:

  • what second trimester miscarriage is and the different ways in which people describe it
  • what we know about the causes of second trimester loss
  • signs, symptoms and finding out that something is wrong
  • the physical process, labour and birth

All the staff were kind and caring. In a strange way, this made the experience of delivering my baby calm and peaceful and I’ll be forever grateful to those who cared for us.

  • tests and investigations that may be offered
  • after the loss: what happens to your baby
  • making memories, marking your loss
  • the physical impact
  • the emotional impact
  • considering another pregnancy
  • sources of help and support.

We have created a new leaflet on second trimester loss and added some new stories where people share their experiences and feelings. Michaela talks about the loneliness she felt after the loss of her son, Zachary:

I found myself surrounded by sympathy cards and flowers but I guess I had never felt so alone.

And Zainab shares the story of losing her daughter Noa and how talking is helping her to heal.

Our sincere thanks to all those who responded to our survey and shared their experiences, to our expert group Elizabeth, Fay, Rachel and Zainab,  and to Professor Lucy Smith for all her support. Together you are helping us to make sure that no-one has to go through this experience alone.

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