Our helpline: 01924 200799 Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm

Mission statement

Miscarriage can be a very unhappy, frightening and lonely experience.

The Miscarriage Association acknowledges the distress associated with pregnancy loss and strives to make a positive difference to those it affects.

We have the knowledge to help.

Our vision:

Everyone affected by pregnancy loss[1] gets the care, support and information that’s right for them.

Our values:

We listen, we care and we understand.

We believe that pregnancy loss matters. We give a voice to people experiencing miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy and use our influence to make sure they are heard.

We put people experiencing pregnancy loss at the heart of everything we do and offer support without judgement.  We can be relied upon to provide information that is dependable and evidence-based.


Our strategic aims and priorities 2022-2025: 

1. Everyone affected by pregnancy loss gets the care, support and information that’s right for them

Working to improve the care that women and partners receive at all stages of their experience of pregnancy loss.

Providing a high-quality support service for anyone affected by pregnancy loss.

Providing accurate, up-to-date and understandable information about pregnancy loss for anyone who needs it.

2. The diverse impact of pregnancy loss is widely understood and acknowledged

Working to increase public awareness and understanding of the potential impact of pregnancy loss; challenging perceptions and assumptions and reducing the sense of taboo

Working to increase public awareness of the Miscarriage Association as an expert, trustworthy and reliable source of help, support and information.


[1] Pregnancy loss refers to any/all of the following: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy.