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Reflections on pregnancy loss

2nd March 2017

The experience of pregnancy loss – miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy – is always unique.  Even though there are often shared elements, everyone’s story is different, like so many experiences in life.

Today we are sharing four stories, with thanks to the parents who have allowed us to do so.

The first is an essay by Nuala Ni Conchuir, published in today’s Irish Times.   Nuala had her fourth miscarriage last year, at the age of 45.  She also has three living children. She writes of loss, love and hope – and of the views of others as to whether she should keep trying.

The second is a reflection from Jessica.  After a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and still childless, she shared her thoughts on seeing a crying baby.

In the third reflection, Lindsay shares her story of losing Lucas, sixteen weeks into her pregnancy.

And finally, Neil shares his feelings of grief and distress both at the time and some years later.

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