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New research testing for risk of miscarriage

1st November 2017

The Telegraph reports today:

‘Women could be told from the beginning of pregnancy if they are at high risk of miscarriage or premature birth thanks to a highly accurate new tests.

Leading scientists have described as “very exciting” a breakthrough technique which can detect serious complications months in advance, giving doctors the chance to intervene and save lives.

It means that being told the likelihood of a devastating event could soon become a routine part of a doctor confirming a woman is pregnant.

Miscarriage charities welcomed the new technique.

Obstetricians can currently provide expecting mothers little or no warning of premature birth, miscarriage or preeclampsia, a life-threatening blood pressure disorder which kills up to 1,000 babies a year.

But researchers have now identified a handful of molecules unlocking the fundamental biology of these conditions, which are present long before any symptoms arise.’

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Response from the Miscarriage Association: “This is very welcome news. Much research is still needed before we fully understand the causes of pregnancy complications including miscarriage, and can then look for treatments. But this holds real hope for the future.”

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