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Finance, fundraising and fears…

1st December 2011

Is the economic downturn affecting donations to charity? Well, yes and no, says an article in Third Sector* magazine, the daily charity news bulletin.

In recent days, Cancer Research UK – Britain’s largest fundraising charity – has reported a drop in income of 6% in the year to March 2011.  That translates as a fall from £515m to £483m during the year.

Funnily enough, in that same twelve months, the M.A.’s core income actually increased by 7%, from £155,192 to £165,892 – an increase of £10,700.

£32 million pounds down vs £10,700 up may seem like a silly comparison and it’s certainly nothing for the Miscarriage Association to crow about.

Just like the big charities, we are poised on a knife edge.  And it takes a much smaller drop in income for the M.A. to feel very concerned about how we might keep our services going during these tough economic times.  Halfway through the financial year, we are already seeing a drop in some of our income streams and
it’s a real worry.

On the other hand, there’s good news.  The wonderful individuals who fundraise for us continue to put their hearts and souls into their efforts, from running the London Marathon to organising the beautiful Midnight Walks that took place during Babyloss Awareness Week.

Apparently, online donation site Justgiving reports that sponsorship is holding up well, noting that “Brits are remaining generous with their cash despite the financial climate”.

Jane Arnott, the senior advisory manager at the Charities Aid Foundation thinks it’s all about planning and preparing for a bumpy ride. “Times are tough for everyone”, she says, “And tough times are here to stay for a while longer yet.  Charities need to plan ahead to survive, but they may not survive unscathed”.

So can the M.A. survive?

With your help, we believe we can. We certainly can’t do it without you.

* http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/bulletin/third_sector_daily_bulletin/article/1106399/anxiety-increases-prospects-fundraising/

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