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Coronavirus and pregnancy loss: your care

11th January 2021

As we enter our second week of lockdown in the UK, with increasing rates of infection and hospitalisation, we know that some of you will be worrying about how this might impact on your care in pregnancy or during or after a loss.  You may be confused too about messaging regarding Covid-19 vaccination.

It is very likely that after some easing of restrictions or reductions in early pregnancy and maternity services, these may be re-introduced. They are again likely to impact particularly on scanning appointments, management of missed or incomplete miscarriage, access for partners or supporters and on some elements of care later in pregnancy.

Even so, NHS England (and guidance from the other UK nations too) still encourages pregnant women to seek advice and care if they have or suspect problems with their pregnancy. That is especially important if you have acute pain, signs or symptoms of ectopic pregnancy or bleeding or other symptoms that you cannot manage.  In those circumstances, do contact your early pregnancy unit or modwife, or call 111 to get advice, or call 999 if you need urgent care.


You’ll find updated information on coronavirus and pregnancy loss on this page, including information about Covid-19 vaccination.

There is further information on missed or incomplete miscarriage here, and that page contains links to pages on management of ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy.


Pregnancy loss, suspected loss and pregnancy after loss can be difficult and distressing enough at any time.  We can’t provide medical advice but we are here to offer support and a listening ear.  You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone.

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