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Baby Loss Awareness Week comes to Westminster a day early!

4th October 2019

Next week, the Baby Loss Awareness Alliance is launching a campaign ‘Out of sight, out of mind‘, to ask for more psychological support for those who need it following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby.

Our campaign calls on governments at Westminster and the devolved nations to ensure that anyone who needs psychological therapy after pregnancy or baby loss can access it on the NHS and without unduly long waiting times.

While Parliament was suspended, we had no hope of launching our campaign at Westminster, but have just been told that there is expected to be a Government debate on Baby Loss Awareness Week in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 8 October, a day before the official start of the Week.

This gives us a great opportunity to raise this important issue, but we need your help!

Please do consider contacting your MP and encouraging him/her to attend the debate and create more awareness about the impact of pregnancy and baby loss and the need for better support.  If they can wear a Baby Loss ribbon pin, that would be doubly powerful.

If you’d like to tweet your MP, we have a tweet ready and waiting for you to use, or you might prefer to email them using your own words.

The full report and more information about the campaign across the UK will be published here on Tuesday.

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