Talking about pregnancy loss

People often reflect on the feeling that miscarriage is a taboo – and that when it comes to ectopic and molar pregnancy, these losses are even more hidden.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, which is why we highlight here some examples of people talking about their experience of pregnancy loss and its impact on their lives.


After two missed miscarriages, Charlie went on to have her son, now 13 months old.  But, she notes:

Miscarriage is never far from my thoughts.  I think about those lost pregnancies and I think about future pregnancies and whether I’ll suffer the same complications. I am acutely aware that we may have to go through heartache again.

You can read her blog here.


Dan and his wife were delighted to be expecting their second child, but an ultrasound scan changed everything.  He shares his reflections on how he and his wife attempted to make sense of their experience of miscarriage.


And Angela, childless, writes a searingly honest blog about coping (or not) with other people’s babies.






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